Hi There,

I am Shameer, a developer from God's own country (Kerala), India. I am mainly working on web development using PHP, Scala, Javascript, etc. Apart from that I do enjoy coding in Ruby (infact, I love it), system administration, database administration, etc. Occasionally I write about PHP stuffs in SitePoint and about Cloud in Simple-Talk.


Though there are many flat-file blog engines, like Toto, Jekyll, etc. I was unable to find a decent one for PHP lovers. As there are some good PHP Cloud platform services like AppFog and Pagodabox which offers free hosting in cloud, having a flat-file blog engine written in PHP makes perfect sense. An important reason is it's performance. Flat file blog engine will load much faster compared to database driven CMS websites. Also it is highly secure and agile. So I decided not to wait for someone else to do it and here's mine - TextPress. My goal is to provide almost all the necessary features for a blogging engine with TextPress.

I won't say TextPress is a completely secure and bulletproof application and It's not a big deal to write something like this. So if you are not comfortable with it, feel happy to fork it, add features and let me know what you have done. I will always try to improve it and add more features.


You can contact me in twitter @shameerc. Visit my personal blog Shameerc.com