TextPress 2.0, What's new?

Today I've released the version 2 of TextPress, with some significant changes in the application. In previous version all the dependencies were included in TextPress, but now onwards it will be using composer for managing dependencies and autoloading libraries.

Another major change is the introduction of caching, which will make it much faster. TextPress will cache each pages on the first request and write the generated html in to cache folder (Make sure this directory is writable). All the subsequent requests will be directly served from the cache. Caching is enabled by default in the configuration.

'cache' => array(
    'enabled'   => true, // Enable/Disable cache
    'expiry'    => 24, // Cache expiry, in hours. -1 for no expiry
    'path'      => './cache'

You can disable the cache by setting 'enabled'=false, or set another location by changing the path.

This version also comes with a default sitemap and better SEO support. You can see the sitemap in /sitemap.xml url, which is using sitemap.php template file.

Tags : TextPress